Bio & Statement


Julia Haack is a visual artist living and working in Seattle, Washington. She has been exhibiting her artwork for over twenty five years across the United States. Her work can be found in municipal and public art collections, as well as private collections. She is represented in Washington state by the Linda Hodges Gallery.

Statement, December 2016

In this age of ever-improving machinery, used by an ever-decreasing red-blooded work force, the human touch is of real importance to me. Perfection, as created by a computer, is a pinnacle; there is nothing left to strive for. While I do not disregard computerized conveniences in some applications, I will not make things easier for myself in the studio by succumbing to a mechanized tool which would give my work an abnormally flawless appearance.

My artwork is imperfect and unique. It explores the line between painting and sculpture, and mixes craft with art. It investigates color combinations, texture and pattern, and sometimes references an historical event or childhood memory. Patterns distort and invade each other across the surface of each artwork. Every new piece demands a fresh challenge. Rarely do I work with rectangles as the overall shape; instead, I prefer curvilinear forms which can suggest movement. The surfaces are constructed with small pieces of wood which are individually painted.

Blending earth stewardship with frugality, I use salvaged and re-purposed wood extensively.